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Homey Burgers in Prenz, Supper Club Turned Establishment

Prenzlauerberg– Muse started out in 2010 as a supper club and by 2013 it gained enough traction that they opened up their own place. They haven’t totally abandoned their supper club concept, every weekend they open up their kitchen to a revolving

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Ikea Upgraids, Care For A Meatball With Your Armoir?

Mitte– Fundamental Atelier + Canteen a combo furniture shop and restaurant have linked up and serve sort of a revolving Pan-European menu. The idea here is slow lunch food, but fast, so think, goulash, lasagna and mashed potato sort of stuff. Think of it

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Gastronomic Forays For Winter Weather At Wine Bar, JaJa

Neukölln– JaJa wine bar, open for almost 3 years. They occasionally play host to pop-up dinners, the most recent one was this past September and hosted Rodder, a Danish pop-up concept using organic local sources. The owners are serial restaurateurs, and their

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Knife At The Ready At 3 Schwestern, Patrick Becker

Kreuzberg- Patrick Becker, head chef of 3 Schwestern, alpine restaurant open for the last 5 years offers a balance to some of the other so called “hot shots” in town. For one he’s been a working chef for 20 years. He

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Prodigal Son, Ben-Moshe Returns To The Roots

Gal Ben Moshe, prodigal son, Glass head chef has just returned from Hong Kong where he was hosted by Test Kitchen, the Hong Kong based Kitchen Lab. Where he tried out his updated version of an Arabian menu. Test Kitchen has recently hosted Dottir’s

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Korean Cuisine At The “Nobu Of Berlin” For In Search Of

Mitte- Dae Mon, contemporary Korean cuisine near Hackescher Markt is a good place to check out according to In Search Of.  It has been labeled as the Nobu of Berlin back in 2015, which might make sense. Maria and Sophia think its a good balance between

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Asian Fusion On Tor, So Ryong Yet So Ryight

Mitte– Ryong, veggie/ vegan asian fusion has been open for a couple of months over on Torstraße and as Mary Scherpe says “Asian-fusion concepts opening up on Torstraße…don’t necessarily get my hopes up.” But that being said she went on to give a

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