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Tsukushiya Japanese Deli, The Real Deal?

Kreuzberg- Tsukushiya Japanese Deli opened about three weeks ago. Don’t ask for spicy tuna. You won’t get it. Don’t ask for a glass of wine. You wont get it. It doesn’t seem like you should expect your usual Japanese restaurant

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Cafe ‘Stache, Put Some Cheesecake In Your Face.

Mitte– Cafe ‘Stache has been open since October. It’s a combo cafe and delicatessen that serves some pretty standard German fare. Bring on the cabbage and knödel. Besides that though they serve breakfasts, pastries and cakes. The cafe itself used

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Ritter Cafe, Tries A New Menu Every Week.

Kreuzberg- Ritter Cafe opened about a month and a half ago ago and they feature a revolving menu of German/Viennese cuisine with occasional forays into bowls of spaghetti bolognese. Though one wonders if they aren’t getting a little bit tired

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