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Grandpa’s Favorite Kitchen, Brasserie Desbrosses…

Tiergarten- Archetypal french Brasserie Desborsses is trudging along, grinding out old classics it seems. These guys cater mainly to grandpa’s “old fart” cuisine. According to Berliner Zeitung they charge accordingly. But lets face it, how wrong can you go with Filet Rossini. Filet Mignon and

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Openings: The 5 Elephant In The Room… in Mitte…

Mitte– That right, lets mention the Elephant in the room. Actually the 5 Elephant in the room. 5 Elephant coffee bar opened their second Berlin branch amongst the fashionistas and tourists. According to Sprudge’s Jordan Michelman and Mit Vergnügen’s Ilona Hartmann they take a totally different

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Nibs Cacao, When You Need A Churo In Your Life…

Charlottenburg- Nibs Cacao, churros and chocolate. Oh, that fried phallic dough. If you find yourself with a free moment in Sauvigny Platz, it might be worth it to take chance on some churros, according to Dinah and Daliah. Lets face

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