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Asian Fusion On Tor, So Ryong Yet So Ryight

Mitte– Ryong, veggie/ vegan asian fusion has been open for a couple of months over on Torstraße and as Mary Scherpe says “Asian-fusion concepts opening up on Torstraße…don’t necessarily get my hopes up.” But that being said she went on to give a

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© Hashi Izakaya Japanese Kitchen

Japanesische, Willkommen, German Izakaya Right This Way

Mitte- Hashi Japanese Izakaya is about four years old and it got a lukewarm review from Stefan Peter of Berliner Zunge, not because the food was bad, on the contrary it seems, but because the toilet was unappealing. A strange thing to mention,

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© Der Gugl via Website

National Pride in The Gugl, (Its a German Muffin Guys)

Charlottenburg- Bikini Berlin is hosting DerGugl, a Munich based confectioner holding a pop-up shop and claims to be the German answer to the muffin, the doughnut, and the cupcake! America, you think you have a monopoly on diabetes, well you don’t! National

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© House Of Small Wonder via Facebook

Imitation Game, Will The Real Small Wonder Please Stand Up

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but its a fine line between pretentiousness and outright mimicry… When something works it’s no small wonder that… wait, is that Small Wonder? The evidence is presented to the jury. Item number 1: House

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Kanaan- The Promised Hummus?

Prenzlauerberg– Kanaan hummus shop gets tons of love. Its been open for about two years and has been getting good reviews and is consistently pushed as an Israeli/Palestinian owned establishment. Which once again goes to prove that hummus has no border! Hummus

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