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Kin Dee Head Chef: Dalad Kambhu Interview

Some people in this world, you just want to strangle. They’re smart. They’re talented. They’re attractive. They’re successful. They seem to have figured out all of life’s alchemy buttons. And you end up asking what else can you do? Play

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New From The Tip Line: Changes At Mrs. Robinson’s

Prenzlauerberg– Fresh of Mr. Eatler’s Tip Line we got some intel on Mrs. Robinson’s upcoming changes. Mrs. Robinson’s is a asian fusion joint that has been getting lots of attention from foodies, bloggers and print press alike, particularly for their

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Tip Berlin Holds Event For Top Vintners

Schöneberg- Weinmahleins, Tip Berlin’s event coming up in a couple of weeks is an opportunity to “Get to know the favorite vintners of the top chefs and find out what is important for food and drink.” and provides a menu with

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Recognition For Authentic Japanese, Tsukushiya Deli

Kreuzberg– Tsukushiya Deli is getting more positive recognition in a review from Tip Berlin. Tsukushiya is an authentic Japanese restaurant/deli and has been open for about three months. Unlike the common western misconception that all Japanese restaurants serve sushi, Tsukushiya

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Mit Vergnügen Writer Calls Out Vegan Chef/Restaurateur

Charlottenburgb- A few days ago Eatler wrote about the opening of a new vegan shop, Dilipasha, Indian Vegan With A Little Cheese On Top, but just earlier today it became clear that Mit Vergnügen’s own Daliah Hoffmann finds the owner of the

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Sandwich Shop Is A NY Style Sandwich Contender

Friedrichshain- J. Kinski, the sandwich shop that started presenting itself in Berlin at Markthalle Neun and opened a shop a few months ago got highlighted by Qiez. Judging from the pictures it looks like Kinski is missing out on a

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