Openings: The 5 Elephant In The Room… in Mitte…

Mitte– That right, lets mention the Elephant in the room. Actually the 5 Elephant in the room. 5 Elephant coffee bar opened their second Berlin branch amongst the fashionistas and tourists. According to Sprudge’s Jordan Michelman and Mit Vergnügen’s Ilona Hartmann they take a totally different

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© Nibs Cacao via Website

Nibs Cacao, When You Need A Churo In Your Life…

Charlottenburg- Nibs Cacao, churros and chocolate. Oh, that fried phallic dough. If you find yourself with a free moment in Sauvigny Platz, it might be worth it to take chance on some churros, according to Dinah and Daliah. Lets face

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The Owl 148 via Website

Late Night Burgers, Sort Of…The Owl 148

Charlottenburg- Smart Stay Hotel opened a spot last month accompanied by a burger bar, they have a similar set up at the Frankfurt airport. With a name like The Owl 148 its surprising that they close at midnight, especially that they’re attached

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Pushkin and Pilmeni At Grüne Lampe

Wilmersdorf- Berlin’s parade of good food for shit weather continues, not that anyone is complaining.  Borscht and pilmeni sounds totally valid as we head into the heart of darkness that is the Berlin winter. Plus, the idea that this restaurant

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Zuhause, Get That ShiShi Out Of Here

Prenzlauerberg– Zuhause, gourmet homemade lunch, three words that don’t often go together. At least that is what Lunch In The Neighborhood is saying, as well, as adjectives like no fuss, down to earth and “kein ShiShi hier.” After a long journey from

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