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We are looking for contributors here at Eatler. Whether you are an aspiring food writer/journalist or you just want to let people know about the restaurant scene near you. You know the saying: If you see something, say something? Well

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© Tim Raue Restaurant

Raue’s New Joint In Dubai Is Underperforming

Dubai– Yes Dubai is where Tim Raue’s new joint is and it’s been there for about six months and apparantly it ain’t doing so hot. Well it’s in the desert, so it’s hot, but it ain’t thriving if you catch

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© Khwan via Facebook

Reviews Of The Day, TIP, Creme, Berliner Zeitung

For todays rundown we got four reviews. One from TIP, one from Berliner Zeitung, and two from Creme, an online lifestyle blog of sorts who is hitting the streets after somewhat of a publishing hiatus, at least in the restaurant

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