Sourcing Debate Takes On World Food Convention

As the local sourcing trend grows to brutal and radical proportions, so are restaurants that normally would never normally place emphases on sourcing, be it local or otherwise, starting to make noise of their new found local ways. Some do

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Revamped Joint Offers Free Booz Promotion

Schöneberg- More Restaurant and Cocktail Bar is announcing a promotion that came in through the tip line. They have recently re-opened after a remodel of the restaurant after being open for about 13 years. They are the sister restaurant of Tante

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Three Berlin Chefs Progress To Final Rounds Of Pellegrino

The San Pellegrino young chef’s competition has boiled down it’s final ten chefs for the German region and there are three young chefs from Berlin. Two from Ristorante Essenza and one from two Michelin star restaurant Facil. This must be

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Kin Dee Gets FAZ Love And Floats Local Sourcing Language

For today’s review of the day we got one from Frankfurter Allgemeiner Zeitung featuring Tiergarten’s Kin Dee, the new-ish Thai joint that took over the shop of the much beloved Edd’s Thai restaurant. Lots of talk about avoiding cliches of Asian cuisine

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