No Shoes, No Shirt… Yes Baby… No Service

Prenzlauerberg– Sasaya, fine dining Japanese restaurant, as well as a few other fine dining establishments in town have been getting some flack for their no baby, no kid policy and this pic came in through the Tip Line today. This

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© Einstein via Facebook

Mission Possible “Make Einstein Dinner Again”

Mitte– Einstein Cafe Unter Den Linden, the Viennese style restaurant/cafe famous for its cakes, it’s schnitzel and it’s politicians got a positive write up from Finding Berlin who found their whole new thing to be a positive addition to their

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© European Street Food Award via Facebook

Early Warning Bite Club Hosts Street Food Awards

European Street Food Awards are coming to Berlin and hosted by Bite Club food festival. Here is a part of their presser: From Denmark to Italy, from Spanish pinchos to Swedish hot dogs. At the end of this year’s season,

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