About Eatler

Who the fuck are we?! Who the fuck are you?!

Most of us eat. Some of us do it in restaurants. A new place opens up? An old place gets shut down? Your favorite chef got fired? Your favorite chef got hired? Is the manager creeping on the hot waitresses? Are the owners fighting? Is the Maitre D’ doing blow in the bathroom? We want to know! If you want to contribute some shit to Eatler make sure you hit up the Tip Line and let us know what’s going on in the Berlin restaurants around you.

A little bit about the categories:

DishLer: Reviews, News, and everything that doesn’t fit somewhere else

Openings/Closings: Restaurant openings, restaurant closings

Interviews: Industry interviews, either Eatler’s or from the world

Best Of The Week: A weekly summery of the the previous couple of days

Awards: Any of Eatler’s competitions, or posts about Michelin, Top 50 etc…

Best Berlin Restaurants: Top Ten-er lists from Eatler, or from the world

Knocked Up: Posts about restaurants in construction