About Eatler

Most of us eat. Some of us do it in restaurants.

A new place opens up? An old place gets shut down? Your favorite chef got fired? Your favorite chef got hired? Are the owners fighting? Is the hottest joint in town opening a new location? We want to know! If you want to contribute to Eatler make sure you hit up the Tip Line and let us know what’s going on with the Berlin restaurants around you.

There are no sponsorships.

If Eatler wrote about it, its because its important to know, not because someone paid for it.

Sharing Policy

Eatler appreciates any and all social media sharing. If an article is written about you, please feel free to share it. If you don’t want to share it Eatler will not continue to cover news about your restaurant. If Eatler published it and you used the info in your article, show Eatler some love with a link.

A little bit about the categories:

Gossip: Reviews, News, and everything that doesn’t fit somewhere else

Openings: Restaurant openings

Closings: Restaurant closings

Knocked Up: Restaurant in development

Interviews: Industry interviews, chefs, restaurateurs, writers and more

Events: Daily rundowns of events and festivals around town

Awards: Whether they are winners of awards out there, or awards in here, Eatler will cover who won what.

Reviews: Weekly rundown of what the critics are saying in town.

Jobs: Weekly report on jobs available from the leading restaurants supplied by Eatler’s sister site, Huntler.de

Real Estate: Weekly report on available gastronomy real estate.

*Yes, Mr. Eatler’s brother is a restaurateur in town. Yes, he gave Eatler some seed money early on in Eatler’s life. Yes, he is an asshole. But he has no editorial or actionable input regarding anything that is published on Eatler.

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