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Zuhause, Get That ShiShi Out Of Here

Prenzlauerberg– Zuhause, gourmet homemade lunch, three words that don’t often go together. At least that is what Lunch In The Neighborhood is saying, as well, as adjectives like no fuss, down to earth and “kein ShiShi hier.” After a long journey from

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Respect To B. Wagner For Standing Up For Your Believes

Kreuzberg- At least Billy Wagner of Nobelhart & Schmutzig hates Neo-Nazis. The circus around the newly minted Michelin star restaurant continues. The social politics of Mr. Wagner still take precedent over Nobelhart’s menu, at least vis-a-vis the media. But props for having the

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La Resistance To McDonalds, W- Der Imbiss,

Prenzlauerberg- W- Der Imbiss, Indian/Thai/Tex-Mex/Mexi/Cali/Itali/Hawaiian has been a staple on Kastanienallee for almost two decades which means it has stood the test of time. Its hard to say exactly what it is, but its easy to say what it is not: McDonalds.

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Croissanterie: Giving Away The Croissant Secret

Neukölln- Croissanterie is Neukölln’s secret weapon. Not that this is so much a secret anymore. Why does Neukölln get all of the awesome ethnic food. Yes, in Berlin croissants can be considered ethnic, but the Icke crowd likes adopt the vegas

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Spotty Reviews For Italian Joint, Freni e Frizioni

Wilmersdorf- Freni e Frizioni Italian “office of appetite” as they have called themselves continues to get good food ratings, and it seems like their service might have even improved. When they were reviewed at Tagesspiegel last year the lopsided review praised the food but

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Enormous Factory Houses International Bistro

Mariendorf- Stone Brewery opened up their enormous factory on the outskirts of Berlin civilization back in 2014. Follow that their international style bistro opened early in 2016. Is the treck to the end of the city worth it? Perhaps for a

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Mother Of Invention Or Hashtag Activism, Politics And Parsnips

Kreuzberg- One thing Nobelhart & Schmutzig definitely wants us to know that they use local sourcing. How important are politics vs food? Obviously Wagner is a formidable chef, so is the”Brutally Local” theme something that is supposed to add to the

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