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Hipster/Post Hipster, Kastainentörtchen Coffee Shop

Prenzlauerberg– Kastanientörtchen opened up about two weeks ago on the formerly hipster, currently post-hipster Kastanienallee. This makes you wonder, do they have Kastainentörtchen? Kastanientörtchen, for all who don’t know is a chestnut paste vermicelli pastry. Judging from the pic it

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Polish Supper Club Hosted By Singing Bon Vivant

Munchies features Julia Brosski, Berlin based founder and part time chef of the Polish Thursday Dinners supper club. Brosski holds the event once a month and has been doing it for over five years. At times she cooks, and at others

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Slaying The Haters With Love And Eating, Sweethearts Cafe

Neukölln- Sweethearts Cafe opened up last week. Named after the Australian band Cold Chisel’s album “Breakfast at Sweethearts.” It runs along the lines of the light airy trend cafes that have been popping up around east Berlin in the last year.

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Kochu Karu Review Raises Ethical Questions

Prenzlauerberg- Kochu Karu, Spanish and Korean restaurant is the love child of real life couple Bin Lee-Zauner and José Miranda Morillo, she’s an opera singer, he’s a chef. They’ve been open for about five years. The Spanish Korean fusion seems like

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Berliners Bemoan The Loss Of Berlin

Berliner Kurier highlights real Berliners bemoaning the loss of efficient cuisine, when you didn’t have to worry about pesky things like flavor, seasonings, fresh produce, or even non pickled fish. Back then it was all about the good old dependable calorie count.

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Midtown Grill Goes Old School

Mitte– Midtown Grill at the Marriott in Potsdamer Platz is going au naturelle and giving up a gas fired oven for a charcoal/natural source Italian X-Oven. Very fancy stuff. As Tip explains this gives the meat a smokier flavor likening

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