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Winning Local Love After Some International Angst, Glass

Charlottenburg– Glass, a gourmet Israeli/Arabic/Mediterranean restaurant that has been around for about five years and is wining more local love. They have recently updated their menu after trying different cuisines over the last few years and have found themselves back at

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Telegraph’s View Of Berlin From The Balcony

The Telegraph’s top lists for tourists in Berlin gives love to a few notable Berlin institutions, Grill Royal, Rutz, Glass and Cookies and Cream among others. What is the point of this Top Ten-er? Perhaps its only to understand that

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Ritter Cafe, Tries A New Menu Every Week.

Kreuzberg- Ritter Cafe opened about a month and a half ago ago and they feature a revolving menu of German/Viennese cuisine with occasional forays into bowls of spaghetti bolognese. Though one wonders if they aren’t getting a little bit tired

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Gyu Don Im Broschek Neukölln, Japanese Pop-Up

Neukölln– Head chef Michiko Akazawa is hosted every weekend in a quasi pop-up kitchen at Broschek. Akazawa is an entrepreneurial spirit it seems. Besides catering, she’s been holding various pop-ups, including a successful christmas market outing this past holiday and

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Toughest Show On Earth, Business Insider

We’ve all had that dream. One day, we will open a restaurant and it will be great. We will work hard for a few months, get the thing running, find a good manager and zippo presto!! We will be able

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Yafo, Hummus And Chill, Not Just About Calories

Mitte– Yafo, Israeli restaurant, could perhaps be considered a kind of Berlin pioneer. Not because of the hummus. Not because of the cocktails. But perhaps because of The “eat and hang.” The “eat and hang” concept is something that is

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Vertikal, Kreuzberg Bistro Vandalized Again

Kreuzberg– Vertikal Attacked! Politics and food are unfortunately linked to each other yet again. Usually you hear about it in the macro sense, but in this instance it is in the micro. Sadly the nationalist trends are gaining strength in

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