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Got some good scoops about the Berlin restaurant community?

Heard something interesting about the Berlin restaurant community?

Feed Mr. Eatler all the Berlin restaurant gossip he can handle!

Did you think this whole thing was a just some sort of free for all? If you have information, well then Mr. Eatler wants to know what the fuck is happening in all of the restaurants Berlin calls its own. Goddamnit, if you hear something about the restaurants in Berlin and you think the Berlin restaurant community needs to know about it, you get on the horn and you fuckin’ tell Eatler about it.

We’re talking about the gossip here, but if you want to send Mr. Eatler a rant about the firmness of the linguini at the latest molecular spaghetti joint and you think the Berlin restaurant community needs to know about it, you don’t hesitate, you get on that fucking horn and you tell Mr. Eatler about your fuckin’ linguini. If a new place opens up, or an old place closes down, or your favorite chef just moved to a new Berlin restaurant, you let Eatler know. If you hear that two restaurateurs are going to open a new restaurant together you tell Eatler. If there has been a ton of hype about a restaurant and they tell you they are fully booked and the place is actually empty then you take a picture and you send it to Eatler. If you spot a restaurant that’s under construction, you tell Eatler. Whatever it is that is happening in the Berlin restaurant scene you TELL EATLER. 

Anonymous or not, it’s your choice!

You can email Mr. Eatler directly at:

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