Berlin Restaurant Openings, Closings, Up For Grabs, Knocked Up

All The Berlin Restaurant Openings, Closings

(And everything in between)

August 13, 2018


Kreuzberg – Los Angelitos, new hispanic café and bar, opened up last week. Their fusion cuisine is all about Italian food with Argentinian influences, while using local and sustainable ingredients. Check it out here

Schöneberg – Baba Pirzola, a Turkish grill joint, opened up adjacent from the KDV with a meat centric menu and a well-designed windowed show kitchen. Check it out here

Kreuzberg – Singh, an Indian street food joint, had its opening last weekend and will be doing some thali style cuisine which offers a platter a various dishes and flavours, though it remains unclear if they’ll focus on a particular region. Check it out here


Mitte/Prenzlauer Berg – Neta, a Mitte based Mexican joint, is currently closing its two locations. The owner left a heartwarming farewell to everyone involved in their three and a half years in the business. Check it out here


Neukölln – The Last Morning On Earth, a new joint coming from the former Cabslam crew, is partnering up with a French Indochine joint. They will also expand their breakfast service into the evenings. Check it out here

Neukölln – Gazzo Pizza, a new sourdough pizza joint with a former Grill Royal member on board, is due to open this month. The joint is already looking a lot more than an average pizza parlor. Check it out here

Weissensee – Food truck and caterer Fräulein Kimchi is moving forward with the construction of its new commissary kitchen. They have a couple of exciting projects in the pipeline. Check it out here

Wilmersdorf – LASH, a new low carb cafe, has its grand opening coming up this Friday. Their cuisine is mostly plant-based, while special attention is given to superfoods and high-quality proteins. Check it out here

Up For Grabs:

Friedrichshain – French bistro/café Dinette is up for grabs at 1,9k a month. Space covers about 95sqm in total,  63sqm of it can be used for business purposes. Deposit goes at about 5.6k and key money at a negotiable 110k. Whole interior, full-furnished kitchen and business are all available as of now.

Lehmbruckstraße 9

Prenzlauer Berg – Mexican Street Food resto Neta is up for grabs as of now. Space covers about 191sqm, 95sqm of it can be used for business and offers about 55 seatings. The restaurant was refurbished in 2015, has a storage room plus basement. Rent is currently at a monthly 2500k, key money 80k including interior and kitchen.

Schönhauser Allee 44

Prenzlauer Berg – Vego Foodworld, a eight year old veggie fast food resto, is up for grabs since the owner expanded to new gastro projects. Relatively new kitchen, seating for about 35 people, small storage room and changing space on about 80sqm. Key money lies at 50k and a monthly rent of about 1.4k.

Lychener Str. 63

Prenzlauer Berg – Paragon, the café inside the Paragon living duplex, is up for grabs at about 2.6k. Total space of 70sqm and most of it can be used for business. There’s a deposit of 9.6k.

Danziger Str. 73-77

Moabit – Otanik, a one year old oriental breakfast/lunch bistro, is up for grabs. Total space covers about 136sqm and is going at about 2k a month, however may include other expenses. There’s a deposit at about 6.3k.

Lehrter Straße 48

August 6th, 2018


Mitte – Burger Vision, a three year old Burger joint in Prenz, opened up a new place close to Rosenthaler Platz. Check it out here

Wedding – Konditorei Damaskus, the beloved authentic confections shop on Sonnenallee, is about to open a second joint on Leopoldplatz, a welcome addition to the Wedding firmament. Check it out here

Neukölln – Palsta, a newly opened Scandinavian cuisine snacks and wine bar, made its first under the radar appearance last week. Check it out here


Mitte – Wallmond, a mid-range resto, threw in the towel and is already making way for an still unknown Indian/Pakistani joint. Check it out here

Friedrichshain – Haferkater, the slowly expanding porridge chain, will be reversing its trend and closing the original branch on Boxhagener Platz in September. Check it out here

Knocked Up:

Tiergarten? – Rocket&Basil, the blogger pop up duo behind Das Brunch, have moved forward with their plans to make their first restaurant which may be opened near Potsdamer Platz. Check it out here

Kreuzberg – Shishi, sibling of Mitte’s Yafo, is moving forward in the final stages before its opening and unlike Yafo, the cuisine will be going into a heavier direction. Check it out here

Mitte – Lost My Love To Italy, a resto/wine bar and cousin of the Chicago Williams family, had its opening last weekend after an intense period of preparations. Check it out here

Kreuzberg – Israeli Chef Celeb is due to open a restaurant situated at the Crown Plaza. While rumours have been spreading about its name and cuisine, the media still remains secretive. Check it out here

Charlottenburg – Burgermeister is expanding to Charlottenburg and due to open a new joint at Zoologischer Garten. Check it out here

Up For Grabs:

Steglitz – Zur alten Post, a neighborhood bar, is up for grabs. There’s a fully-equipped kitchen, however the space is currently smokers-friendly. About 100sqm for 1.5k a month. Key money goes at 15k.

Borstellstr. 42

Wedding – Beste Bar, a five year running bar with regular customers, is up for grabs and available to start working now. Space covers 143sqm at 2k a month. 100k for the full inventory.

Willdenowstraße 12a

Kreuzberg – Fish House on Oranienstraße is up for grabs, 120sqm for about 6.7k a month. Open kitchen space, storage room in the cellar and inside tables. If desired, the interior can be bought also. Uncler what the key money is.

Oranienstr. 33

Wilmersdorf – Italian restaurant Roma is up for grabs. No clear information about the selling price or rent, however the restaurant has been uploaded on real estate platforms. The space covers about 215sqm, has a fully-furnished kitchen, terrace and seats 120.

Bundesplatz 8

July 30th, 2018


WilmersdorfLash, a new low carb cafe serving plant-based superfoods, entered its soft opening phase after being under construction since last summer. Check it out here

NeuköllnLa Malo, a French “neo-bistrot” that recently opened its doors, is putting some extra emphasis on natural wines by opening up an in-house shop. Check it out here

MitteDunkin’ Donuts is opening up a mega concept store over on Unter den Linden and taking things into another direction with a new pastry and smaller donut selection. Check it out here

Prenzlauer Berg Henry’s, a new sandwich joint, opened up next to its sibling restaurant Korean Food Stories. Their deal is a far cry away from KFS authentic Korean cuisine. Check it out here

Mitte Hirsch & Hase, new north Mitte gastropub, is celebrating its official launch party this week, with a former Michelin star sous chef in charge of the kitchen. Check it out here

Prenzlauer BergMade In China, a new Dim Sum joint, opened its doors last week and promises “to celebrate original Dim Sum culture.” Check it out here

KreuzbergMmaah, the Korean Barbecue BBQ chain, is due to open its first Kreuzberg location next month and goes head-to-head with the Görli Döner-Pizza-Currywurst fraction. Check it out here


WilmersdorfKafana, the two year old Serbian joint, was forced to throw in the towel due to a never ending conflict with neighbors. They hosted their final brunch last weekend, but set up a stall at Arminius Markhalle in the meantime. Check it out here


CharlottenburgCell, a contemporary cuisine restaurant, is the first Berlin location of a well known St.Petersburg chef, due to open late summer. It also looks like they’ve started pulling in heavy talents from local kitchens. Check it out here

KreuzbergShishi, the sibling Israeli joint of Yafo, will have its official opening mid next month. For those who are can’t wait, they’ve already been busy hosting events. Check it out here

Tiergarten/Kreuzberg – An Israeli Celebrity Chef aims to conquer Berlin with a new Mediterranean fine dining establishment in Kreuzberg, after rumors situated the joint at Potsdamer Platz first. They are still recruiting. Check it out here

Up for Grabs:

Charlottenburg CEFunda’s, a catering/lunch bistro, is up for grabs for a monthly 850€. The café space covers 40sqm and also has a fully-furnished kitchen, though images were not included in the ad. Unclear what the key money is on this one, deposit at 5k.

Leibnizstraße 34

FriedrichshainPirate’s and Pizza is up for grabs at 28k. Pizza shop covers about 21sqm, unclear if that includes the cellar as well. It also has a gas oven and a newly installed power connection. Unclear where the joint actually is, one address puts it at Kreuz., the other at Friedrichshain. Looks like Friedrichshain is the winner though, but looks a little odd.

Kopernikusstraße 23

TiergartenLegend Burger is up for grabs at about 1.5k a month. No info about the sqm, but the indoor area seats up to 20 people and outside terrace up to 25. Fully furnished kitchen, regular customers and personnel available. Owner is handing it over due to private reasons. No word on key money.

Gotzkowskystr. 25

Schöneberg – Bakery Daily Snack is up for grabs at 490k. Current contract goes at a monthly 1.8k, unclear if the amount will be increased under new owners. The space covers 110sqm and is located close to two main roads. Handover with inventory.

Grunewaldstr. 35


July 23rd, 2018


Mitte – Otto’s Burger, the four year old hamburger chain from Hamburg, is expanding its franchise close to the new Berliner Schloss, across the street from the Berliner Dom. Check it out here

Schöneberg – Swadhishta, a new South Indian restaurant run by a native Indian, promises a menu with authentic flavours and dishes out of the ordinary. Check it out here

Mitte – Maison Dang is a recently opened Thai resto, located close to Mogg Deli, Pauly Saal and Night Kitchen. Remains unclear if Maison Dang is part of the Dang Family. Check it out here

Prenzlauer Berg – Dream Baby Beam, the relaunched Melloch bar, is in the midst of its official opening phase with new artwork and live music events. Check it out here

Charlottenburg – Katchi Ice Cream Art had its grand opening after a slight delay and will be on line as of now. Check it out here


Neukölln – Palsta, a wine bar doing nordic cuisine, is due to open mid August. The menu will hold down small bites to go along with natural wines, including produce coming from their own garden. Check it out here

Up For Grabs:

Charlottenburg/Wilmersdorf– La mia Toscana is up for outright sale at about 100k. The restaurant covers about 200 sqm and has a crafted wooden ceiling. Located between S-Bahn Heidelberger Platz and U-Bahn Blisserstraße.

Mecklenburgische Str. 85

Reinickendorf – German restaurant Kleen’s close to Tegel Airport is up for grabs at about 1.5k a month with key money standing at 55k. Two terraces and indoor area cover about 85 sqm, the kitchen is fully furnished and can be taken as it is. Long-running business with regular customers.

Tile-Brügge-Weg 25

Wedding- The Visit Coffee’s Wedding location is up for grabs as part of the franchise. Recently the Mitte location was up for grabs as well. The high end coffee joint comes complete with the inventory at 7k a month and about 200sqm. Unclear what the Franchise cost is, but it looks like they don’t intend to let location go to another entity.

Müllerstraße 28

Alt Treptow- Goldelsen Kaffeebar is up for grabs over in Alt Treptow. Looks like the cafe shut down last month and the joint is available for 7k a month for about 60sqm. 20k key money and available to start working now.

Elsenstr. 30b

July 17th, 2018


Friedrichshain – La Riscossa, a recently opened Pizza joint off Ostkreuz, doesn’t seem to care about anything apart from pizza as they take the “No boss but pizza” route. Check it out here

Prenzlauer Berg – Cafe Im Nu, an all-rounding breakfast/lunch/dinner joint that has been around since the early two thousands, had its re-opening event last week. Check it out here

Prenzlauer Berg – KulturMarkHalle, the newly mounted MarktHalle with a green-house structure, celebrated its official opening. Check it out here

Knocked Up:

Prenzlauer Berg – The 8MM family is relaunching Melloch Bar, a new wave cocktail joint,  and re-naming it to Dream Baby Dream. Still remains unclear what they will be changing other than the name. Check it out here

Neukölln – Macha Mache, a Japanese Tea Room, rescheduled its re-opening to mid-July after running behind schedule however remained active in event game. Check it out here

Friedrichshain – The Papaya family is opening up a 6th restaurant with vegan dishes as center point soon, located only a few doors down from another Papaya Thai Cuisne. Check it out here

Mitte – One of the members of the Chicago Williams crew is due to open an “Italian-Bar-Food-Wine” joint called Lost My Love To Italy over on Torstraße. Check it out here

Up Gor Grabs:

Wilmersdorf – Stella di Mare is up for grabs for about 11k a month. The space covers about 82sqmand will be free as of August with a full kitchen and inventory. Key money stands at 7k.

Wegenerstraße 6

Reinickendorf – Eiscaffee Spalato, a long time running ice cream parlor, is up for grabs at about 4k a month. The space covers 128sqm, including an outdoor terrace. A room for in-house ice cream manufacturing is in the pipeline, unclear how long this will take. Price at about 200k to get in and is non-negotiable.

Alt-Tegel 8

Köpenick – Pizzeria Don Danielo is up for grabs at 28k. Fully functioning kitchen, pizza ovens and other utilities are in good shape. The pizzeria can be up and running immediately after being sold. Space covers 40sqm, key money goes at about 2.4k. Outside of the ring, but hey, everybody needs pizza.

Edisonstraße 13

July 9th 2018


Friedrichshain Mom’s Creation, a Southeast Asian vegan resto opened up a second location. While the original joint both sushi and vegan creations, the new spot will run sans sushi. Check it out here

Mitte TUNGO’s, a new health conscious joint in Mitte had its grand opening last weekend. The deal with their cuisine is “the same only different”, meaning health conscious yet still tasty, without the fatty and sweet. Check it out here

CharlottenburgAller & Liebst, reopened a higher end version of the old joint just off swanky Ku’Damm and readjusted the design of the reopened pastry café accordingly. Check it out here

CharlottenburgKatchi Ice Cream Art, an all natural ice cream & ice cream cake spot (literally) hit a speed bump while prepping for their opening. Check it out here


Moabit Richwater & Mitchell, the new london cuisine restaurant hung up the apron after flying high for a year and a half in Berlins gastronomy scene. Check it out here

Mr. Eatler sat down a few weeks ago with the restaurants head chef Anton Michel and talked about the future of the cities gastronomy world, Churchill and his favourite burger. Check out the full post


Charlottenburg –  More details about the reopening of Glass, a fine dining molecular resto, reveal that the new joint has an InFarm cabinet in the pipeline. Check it out here

Mitte – a Chicago Williams crew member are developing a new cafe, whose name still remains unannounced. All indications show it will be independent of the Chicago. Check it out here

Up For Grabs:

KreuzbergHamburger Heaven, a long time running burger joint, is up for grabs at about 1.5k a month. The space covers about 25sqm and is located close to U-Bahn Schönleinstraße. Kitchen is fully furnished and in good shape. Buyers get the logo and sauce recipes as well. 55k deposit. Graefestraße 93

NeuköllnRistorante Fortuna is up for grabs at 450k, has a 170sqm indoor space, as well as a 350sqm outside garden. The space also has a cellar and office space. You can also rent it all at a monthly 3k. Unclear how high the deposit is. Johannisthaler Chaussee 183

Prenzlauer BergNeta, popular Mexican street food joint over by Eberswalderstrasse is up for grabs. About a 190sqm at about 3.5k a month. The key money stands at 80k. Completely refurbished in 2015 including kitchen. Schönhauser Allee 44

CharlottenburgRadke’s Alt Berlin, gasthaus is up for grabs over by Ku’Damm near Bikini Berlin. 35 year old joint is looking for the next tenant at 260k key money. About 280sqm at 8k monthly rent. Not stressed, want to sell do to old age. Marburger Straße 16

July 2nd 2018


Kreuzberg – Shishi, the new sibling joint coming from the Yafo crew, launched a sneak peak party called SPRITZ last weekend. The joint is in the final stages of renovation and will host a grand opening party when all is ready. Check it out here

Mitte – Kimchi Pop Up Mr. Susan recently set up shop as a cocktail lounge and already got busy on the collabs. They teamed up with The Sausage Man Never Sleeps in honour of the South Korean vs. Germany match. Check it out here

CharlottenburgCedre Blanc, a cafe/deli and patisserie shop, celebrated its grand opening earlier this month. The joint is an offshoot of Lebanese speciality grocery and longtime caterer Hommous & Khoubez. Check it out here


Charlottenburg – Long time cafe Dea I Dino is made room for a new artisan gellateria called Gimme Gelato. Word is the ice cream shop is not only selling, but also manufacturing its products with a newly imported Carpigiani machine. Check it out here

Prenzlauer BergKorean Food Stories is opening up a second shop next door to their first location. The new joint will be doing more sammies, salads and coffee so it’s a move away from the bibimbap. Check it out here

MitteBurger Vision is renovating another dining room at a second Mitte location. It remains unclear what their plans are exactly since the two locations are within walking minutes. Check it out here

Up For Grabs:

MitteOtantik Berlin, a relatively young looking joint is up for grabs at about 2k a month. About 140sqm and fully functional restaurant. There is a key money for the joint but details need to be discussed by phone. Lehrterstr. 48 C

FriedrichshainColan Vietnamese Cuisine is up for grabs at about 5k a month for 133spm. 20k deposit, but unclear if that is just for the landlord or if its key money. Revalerstr. 8

SteglitzS1 Burger Keller, burger joint is up for grabs at 80sqm at about 800 bucks a month. 39k key money. Hans-Sachs-Str.4D

CharlottenburgNoi Due Salumeria is up for grabs. Same dining room that used to house Shaniu Noodles. 60sqm at 900 bucks a month. Unclear what the key money but if you are interested these guys are old school “0157/56431680 to get a sightseeing appointment. Please call only if you are really interested. I do not reply to e-mail.”  Horstweg 7

Friedrichshain- Same joint that used to house the Pech Und Schwefel pub is up for grabs after renovations. 120sqm at about 2.5k a month. 3 years minimum contract. Calls for interest: +49 (30) 86319243  Samariterstraße 18

June 25th 2018

Week June 4: Openings, Closings, Knocked Up Rundown: Prenzlauer Berg, Mitte, Kreuzberg & More


Prenzlauer Berg Grand Tang Xi Yu, a chinese noodle joint, is back on the food scene after mysteriously disappearing for a couple of months. Check it out here

Mitte Mr. Susan, a known Korean kim chi pop up, has officially opened its doors and seems like it will be going from the gastro side into the gastropub direction. Check it out here

KreuzbergRocco und seine Brüder, a decade old Italian cafe/pizza joint, has reopened after a long stint of absence – new team, same location. Check it out here

KreuzbergTerra, the italian craft kitchen, is doing a summer menu together with distillery Our/Berlin Vodka after relaunching last week. Check it out here

MitteVelvet 52, the Arcotel lobby joint, is open and running as coffee/work space, where you can get your standard fare of coffee, cakes and booze. Check it out here


FriedrichshainDiscowings, the killer chicken wing pop up, had some trouble with their recurring event over at Thai BBQ Khwans. Rumor has it they have already found their next spot. Check it out here

PankowB’s Poutine, a year old Canadian pop up, will host its closing party at Two Fellas Brewery this weekend. They said they’ll be back but for now, it’s time to bid the poutine slingin’ popper farewell. Check it out here


Neukölln To The Regiment, a pop up run by the former Industry Standard head chef, will be setting up shop end of the summer. They’ve got a couple of events as popp ups before the opening. Check it out here

Up for Grabs:

Prenzlauer Berg- Amalgam Bar is up for grabs over on Lychener str. Pretty vibrant gastro neighbourhood. 

Friedrichshain- St. Maul Maultaschen is up for grabs. This one has been on and off the boards for a while. 

Kreuzberg- Taverna Dyonysos, greek joint just of the Mehringdamm stop is up for grabs. 

Check out the full article here

June 18th 2018


Schöneberg Panama, the sibling restaurant to Katz, is “relaunching” its Tiger Bar, an in-house cocktail bar that accompanies the restaurant. Check it out here

Prenzlauer BergTenzan Lab, a new Japanese Kakigori joint, (Japanese shaved ice) has opened up two weeks ago off of Kollwitzplatz. Check it out here

MitteTres Cabezas and sibling coffee shop 19Grams is about to open a third location at Alexanderplatz. They had a grand opening party last weekend. Check it out here

KreuzbergMirami, a new Japanese style fusion joint, set up shop about two week ago down hot gastro zone Kreuzberg. Press is vibrant, expectations are hight. Check it out here

Charlottenburg Mido, a new Viet/Japanese joint just off Ku’damm, had the grand opening party of a third location last weekend. Same owner of Mikoto Sushi. Check it out here

CharlottenburgBRLO Chicken & Beer, the rotisserie chicken offshoot of the BRLO Brwhouse had its official opening at KaDeWe. First steps towards a Food of The People trend? Check it out here


Tiergarten/Mitte Ritz Carlton, Both Fragrances Bar, and the Smokers Lounge, have recently gone through renovations. The first has a late summer opening on the docket, whereas the Smokers Lounge is still being worked on. Check it out here

June 11th 2018


Friedrichshain- IRO Izakaya New mid-range Izakaya restaurant IRO is on the docket for an opening party. They have been running for about a month in Friedrichshain just off Boxhagener Platz. Check it out here

Kreuzberg- Gorilla Barbecue The word is in on developments at Big Sur the Kreuzberg based California style bistro. Its sibling burger flipper, Gorilla Barbecue, is opening an imbiss in its backyard. Check it out here

Friedrichshain- Discowings/Khwan The leading Thai BBQ spot in Berlin, are giving a new food stall a chance in the sun. Quite literally. As of this Sunday, chicken wing pop up Discowings is launching a residency on their terrace. Check it out here

Knocked Up:

Mitte- Mr. SusanThe day is has come for Mr. Susan, the Kimchi slingin’ Korean joint that has had its roots in pop ups, supper clubs and Markthalle 9, to make its first showing with a soft opening party in its new Mitte location. Check it out here


Moabit- Richwater & Mitchell New London Cuisine joint that has had a one and half year run as one of the more successful young restos in town, has decided to close down at the end of the month. Check it out here


Kreuzberg- Milaa/? New German centric tenant is about to make an entrance into Skalitzer str. 45 in Kreuzberg, the same joint that used to house Taqueria Milaa, which closed down a few months ago. Check it out here

June 4th 2018


SteglitzSida Thai, previously known as Golden Thai, has opened up a new restaurant in a new loco after being on the lookout for the past year. Check it out here

Friedrichshain Fryday, the tempura food truck, has set up shop in a new location at Boxhagener Platz, which conveniently belonged to another frying champion beforehand. They’ve been in the softy since last week. Check it out here

KreuzbergBoatfarm, a natural and biodynamic wine shop/bar, had its soft opening last week. Be on the Local Bug lookout here. Opening party made sure to let you know the zip code of every item. Check it out here

Mitte- Little Italy, Pop Up  opened up their summer long event. Taking place over at Rosenhöfe just off of Hackeshemarkt. Same crew behind this spring’s successfull three week long pop up ChinaChinaTown. here.Check it out


KreuzbergGaststätte am Ufer, the Austrian joint, has made room for a new fusiona-ish (?) spot called Cocochu. They had been showing the dining room to prospective restaurateurs for the last few months, so not a big surprise. Check it out here

MitteRestaurant Reinstoff, the two Michelin star joint, is throwing in the towel after achieving the undreamable over the past four years. Does Reinstoffs sudden departure mark a growing epidemic in Berlins’ gastronomy scene. Check it out here

Kreuzberg- Piri’s sandwich shop had their last week in the game last week. Parties and memorial events everyday last week. Owner consideres continuing the shop elsewhere in the future. Check it out here.


Friedrichshain/Mitte – Two chains coming to town: Five Guys and Pret A Manger are setting up shop respectively. While the location remains unknown for the burger enterprise, Pret is going to start serving sammies, salads and more by end of the summer. Check it out here

NeuköllnLa Malo, an all day long French café-restaurant, has been setteling in at the space of former francophile go-to resto, Papilles. Even though their emphasis will be on natural wines, La Malo is still out to curb Franco fixes. Check it out here


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