Former Popper Knocked Up On New Fine Diner In Prenzlberg

April 13, 2021|Knocked Up

Prenzlauer Berg- AV.Restaurant, new fine diner is knocked up over in Prenzlberg. The deal with the new joint is still somewhat under wraps, but there distinct fine dining leanings with dashes of local emphases thrown in. The owners are the same crew that put up a popper last year over at Outgrow Cafe titled Fat Pig. The popper was a success and there are already some of the foodie class keeping track of developments. No word on exact openings, but that is seemingly the case with all of Germany. What is certain is that they will be offering a lunch and dinner game. More on AV as it develops.

AV.Restaurant, Schönhauser Allee 44, Prenzlauer Berg

@AV.Restaurant, Map

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