Santa Cantina, Beloved Taco Resto Closes Doors In Friedrichshain

April 7, 2021|Closings

Friedrichshain- Santa Cantina, the much beloved taco restaurant and beer hall down on Simon Dach has sadly fallen victim to Corona. The shop had a loyal following for the few years that it was in the game but unfortunately was seemingly unable to weather the storm. They shut their doors about a month back closing the chapter on one of the best and most down to earth taco operations in town. Mr. Eatler was heartbroken to hear of the news, but the owners of the shop are intrepid and there is no doubt we will see them continuing their gastronomic ventures in town. One of these is the cult followed Piri’s Chicken Burger shop, as of late located up in Prenz. More on the Santa Cantina crew when it develops.

Santa Cantina, Simon Dach Str. 22, Friedrichshain

@SantaCantina, Map

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