Contemporary Pizza Shop Under Wraps In Central Mitte Address

April 7, 2021|Knocked Up

Mitte- Lovebirds Pizza, new pizza shop is under wraps on a new shop just off of Rosenthaler Platz. The tagline of the new endeavour is listed as Contemporary Pizza, so remains to be seen whether it will be in more of the Neapolitan branch or more of something all on its own. The address is the former home of Riva, a higher end fish joint that shut down a few years back and subsequently a short lived Asian Fusion shop that shut down during the lockdowns. Hopefully Lovebirds will be in for a longer stay. No words as to when exactly they will open their doors, but Mr. Eatler speculates that sometime in late spring makes sense as they have been wrapped up for approximately for the last month. More on Lovebirds as it develops.

Lovebirds Pizza, Rosenthalerstr. 3, Mitte

@LovebirdsPizza, Map

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