Sourdough Pizza Opens Doors In Prenzlberg

April 6, 2021|Openings

Prenzlauer Berg- Mamida Berlin, new sourdough pizza shop opened up their doors about a month ago over in Prenz. The new resto offers Neapolitan-esque style pies (not officially Neapolitan, but Mr. Eatler has quit trying to appease the hardcore pizza evangelists… leave it to humans to fight over something as pure as pizza) Currently they are a delivery and on the go experience of course, and there is no word on what kind of facilities they will offer when they open their doors, but Mr. Eatler will keep you abreast. Already some traction on this shop as some of the bloggers have started following, but still early enough for you to be an early adopter.

Mamida Berlin, Duncker Straße 80A, Prenzlauer Berg

@MamidaBerlin, Map

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