Action Spotted At NY Slice Joint Mitte Extension

January 4, 2021|Gossip, Knocked Up

Mitte- Magic John’s, the New York slice Corona lockdown winner, that opened up shop during the first lockdown last year, was spotted doing some demo on a shop next door. They have developed a cult following for their pizza game which focuses on New York slices, but has recently developed a strong Detroit game as well. They continue to surprise and impress with some new product every couple of months, which is usually accompanied by fun social media posts. Possible extension of their current location seems a little unlikely since the two locations are next door but separated by the buildings stairwell. No exact words on what the location will hold, but if they continue with the success that Magic John’s displayed throughout this year we can expect something with some attitude. More on the shop as it develops.

Magic John’s, Oranienburgerstr. 48, Mitte

@MagicJohn’s, Map

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