Indian Soul Food Launches Delivery Services In Kreuz, Mitte and More

December 30, 2020|Openings

Kreuzberg- Tiffin, new Indian soul food joint launched a couple of weeks back. The deal with the new resto is it comes from some of the same crew that is well known for the killer program over at Friedrichshain’s Khwan. They aim to offer Indian food the same way it is offered “back home” with emphasis on spice. And by spice, Mr. Eatler means spice. This is the closest to Indian flavours Mr. Eatler has gotten to outside of Calcutta. Currently they are operating out of popular modern Indian street food, Moksa, over on Oranienstr, but are doing delivery only. With a wide reach they are hitting up Mitte, Kreuz and Friedrichshain. No word on whether they will go brick and mortar, but Mr. E is crossing fingers that Tiffin will indeed be a Corona baby we can celebrate.

Tiffin, @Tiffin, 

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