Popular Pastry Makers Cross Finish Line On Second Shop In Mitte

December 30, 2020|Openings

Mitte- Canal, one of the most popular ice cream and pastry shop has crossed the finish line on their second location in Mitte. The cult favourite sweets makers have been in action over at Hackescher Hoff for the last few years and has gained a lot of traction with their interesting ice cream flavour combos. They have working on a much larger shop, also in Mitte, over on Linienstr. near Rosa Luxmbourg Platz. The new shop is larger and is rumoured to be offering a lot more pastries and baked goods besides their noted ice cream. They will also offer some seating in this shop, whenever we get out of this surreal nightmare we have been in for the last year. Mr. Eatler highly recommends Canal goods, for they are truly The GOODS!!

Canal, Linienstraße 54, Mitte
@Canal, Map

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  1. seriously guys, “constructive criticism”, but — for a “berlin” food blog, could you PLEASE make street & kiez names a bit less cringe? 🙂 there are SO many typos (hackesche hoff, luxmburg, ..) and abbreviations (kreuz, fschain, ..) that don’t make ANY sense (and make it hard to google for tourists or any other people who aren’t from berlin and wonder about those venues).

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