Beloved Mexican Food Truck Pushed Out In Friedrichshain

December 18, 2020|Closings

Friedrichshain- Sabor A Mi, veteran Mexican street food purveyors are sadly forced out of their home in Friedrichshain. They have been in the game for the last few years with their food truck and have made a strong presence in the Mexican game. Somewhat uniquely, Corona is not to blame for the closure. Rather there is some construction due to commence in the location and they intimate that they will not be able to stay at the address once the renovations have finished. They promise though, that this is not goodbye and that they plan to return as soon as they are able, so Mr. Eatler will keep you abreast of developments. Will be interesting to see how they manoeuvre, with Berlin not being the friendliest of cities regarding food trucks.

Sabor A Mi, Sonntagstr. 24, Friedrichshain

@SaborAMi, Map

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