Possible Beer Franchise Off Of Frankfurter Tor

October 26, 2020|Closings, Gossip

Friedrichshain- The Castle’s former home in Friedrichshain is reportedly seeing some action. The huge location situated off of Frankfurter Tor had been the home of The Castle for about two years before Corona did the dirty work. Rumour has it though that a franchise of Brewdog is going to be doing something in the shop, though that is unconfirmed. What is known is that the manager of the hospitality group that signed the franchise deal with Brewdog for ten new shops in Berlin, is also clearing out the former Castle wares. More on the location as it develops, but fingers crossed that we will be drinking beer there again soon. More on the joint as it develops.

The Castle, Frankfurter Tor 7, Friedrichshain

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