Mitte Cafe Resorts To Social Media Plea In David v. Goliath Battle

September 22, 2020|Gossip

Mitte- House Of Small Wonder, the veteran cafe over in Mitte just put out an S.O.S. through their media channels. The cafe and restaurant which has been in Mitte for the last six years has been battling with their new landlord, Google, which they claim has been acting illegally, unethically and immorally. The deal is that Google bought the building in which House Of Small Wonder are the only tenants, and began a gut renovation which has been causing havoc for the cafe’s crew. They have called out all supporters to repost their story and tag the heads of the company. Naturally there have been some voices acting as Google shills, but there is seemingly much more support for the cafe than for the tech giant in this David and Goliath type scenario. More updates as the story develops. You can check out the post here. 

House Of Small Wonder, Johannisstr. 20, Mitte
@HouseOfSmallWonder, Map

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