Updated Intel On Sorrel, New Neukölln Cafe

September 21, 2020|Openings

Neukölln- Updates on Sorrel, new cafe resto opened their doors to a softy a couple weeks back down in Neukölln. The places used to be home to Maison Han, which was then took over by Silo that did a pop up there while they renovated their space in Friedrichshain. The popper was cut short due to corona. However, Sorrel, which shares some of the same owners as Silo is a completely new concept seperated from the cafe. So more like cousins than siblings. The new menu is put together by one of the crew that made Jaja Wine Bar a strong force in the hood and offers a straight forward cafe menu with some unique items like Katsu Sandwich, Comte Omelette and the like.

Sorrel, Pannierstr. 40, Neukölln
@Sorrel, Map

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