Celeb Owned Coffee Shop Opens Second Address In Mitte

September 8, 2020|Openings

Mitte- Nosh Nosh new food concept opened up their second long awaited shop in Mitte today. The current opener is situated over on Friedrichstr, the other an larger of the two, opened a couple of months back is over in Hackeshermarkt.  The shop has been in gestation for close to a year and had blown through numerous deadlines, naturally being delayed by the covid situation. The deal with the new shop is that they are a celebrity owned gourmet deli of sorts. With a strong Pain Quotidien like vibe the shop looks like it will have a success in the tourist heavy zones. They promise to deliver a grand opener some time this fall, but no word on official dates. More on Nosh Nosh should as it develops

Nosh Nosh, Friedrichstr. 63, Mitte
@NoshNosh, Map

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