Mexican Street Food Due For Opener In Neukölln

September 8, 2020|Openings

Neukölln- Oh La Queca, new restaurant is due for an imminant opener down in Neukölln. The deal with the new joint is that they aim to be a real Mexican street food shop. They will sport their own handmade corn tortillas. Among the offering will be the classic, tacos, tamales, enchiladas and more. The shop is the baby of a long term popper, titled Madre Tortilla, who had a run at a brick and mortar about two years ago over on Reichenbergerstr. They will be celebrating an official opener coming up this weekend and one and all are invited to partake.

Oh La Queca, Reuterstr. 36, Kreuzberg
@OhLaQueca, Map

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  1. Hallo, die Reuterstraße liegt in NEUKÖLLN und nicht Kreuzberg.

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