Tech Company Opens Event Space, Hosts Poppers For Opener

September 3, 2020|Openings

Technically Wedding?- Downtown Opnrs, new event space from the digital company Opnrs, opened their doors earlier this week in Wedding, but its really more between Mitte and Prenz? In anycase, the deal with the joint is that they are hosting numerous significant poppers in the coming days, and there is no reason to expect that it should stop. The opening event was run by Barkin’ Kitchen, and was sold out. Other members of the team include Wild & Wiese, and Taube Grau. Will be interesting to see if the event space should delve further into the foodie scene, or whether they will stay more conservative.

Downtown Opnrs, Usedomer Str. 32, Wedding
@DowntownOpnrs, Map


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