High End Breakfast Popper Due For Brick & Mortar In Schöneberg

July 27, 2020|Knocked Up

Schöneberg- Frühstück 3000, new cafe resto is knocked up on a new shop over in Schöneberg. The deal with the new joint is that they are a former popper that had a few successful runs earlier this year and carry the banner of “Berlin’s most exclusive breakfast.”  They are however planning on opening their own brick and mortar coming up early this fall and are already on the hunt for key figures to man the stations. Though nothing is confirmed they are looking to cross the finish line coming this September, which would give us a little over a month to prep for the new shop, which has already had some promising showings in some high profile shops. More on Früstück 3000 as it develops.

Frühstück 3000, Bülowstraße 101, Schöneberg
@Früstück3000, Map

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