Fish & Chip Shop Due For Opener Over In Kreuzberg

July 27, 2020|Openings

Kreuzberg- Freddy’s Fey’s Fish & Chips, new fish and chip shop is due for an official opener over in Kreuzberg. The deal with the new shop is that long term concept kitchen, Barkin’ Kitchen, is going to be hosting the fish shop for what seems to be like a long term collab. They will be throwing an official opening party coming up later this week. They invite one and all to try the new offering at the shop. Unclear if Barkin will change banners all together or if the two elements will co-exist. More on Freddy Fey’s as it develops.

Freddy Fey’s Fish & Chips, Glogauer Str 7, Kreuzberg
@BarkinKitchen, Map

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  1. Neukölln? Once you cross over the canal you’re in Kreuzberg…

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