Ramen Factory Due For Imminant Opener Over In Kreuz

July 1, 2020|Openings


Kreuzberg- Buya Ramen Factory, which was briefly called “Ramen Factory 36,” is due for an imminant opener. They have been knocked up for the last few months over at the former home of Arabica, which shut down about six months back. The deal with the new shop is that they are owned by a Florida based Ramen resto by the name of Buya Ramen and had done a pop up a little over a year ago at the Arabica room. before going on to open a brick and mortar over in Potsdam. They have marked their opening hours but have held off on any announcements it seems, but it looks as if they are ready for launch any day.  More on Buya as it emerges.

Buya Ramen Factory, Reichenberger Str. 36, Kreuzberg
@BuyaRamenFactory, Map

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