Mediterranean Gastropub Knocked Up In The Heart Of Mitte

July 1, 2020|Knocked Up

Mezze Bar

Mitte- Mezze Bar, new Mediterranean gastropub is knocked up over in Mitte. The deal with the new joint is that they are the second resto from the Montraw team, that opened up a couple of years ago over in Prenzlauer Berg. They had a successful run with the original shop, winning some accolades for their design and offering. The new joint will be located the former home of Tucholsky 189, just off of Torstr. at the heart of Mitte.  The strip has been adopting a lot of new gastro over the last couple of years. The new shop is aiming for an opening coming up later this month, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet. They have been running the menu over at their parent location, Montraw, so they will likely hit the ground running. More on Mezze as it develops.

Mezze Bar, Torstr 189, Mitte
@MezzeBar, Map

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