Former Ballhaus Operator Under Wraps In Mitte

April 24, 2020|Knocked Up


Mitte- Osterberger, new resto under wraps is confirmed over at contested Mitte address. The deal with the new shop is still somewhat unknown, however the new owner come with a reputable pedigree. The address used to house the now Charlottenburg based Schwein/Christopher’s and was recently under the somewhat contested hands of a restaurant called Slate. Osterberger, however will be the new shop of the former operators of the operation over at Clärchen’s Ballhaus. No word on time line as everything is up in the air right now, but Mr. Ealter suspect that we will have a new fine diner doing German/French cuisine in the hood should everything work out. More on Osterberger as it develops.

Osterberger, Elisabethkirchstr. 2, Mitte

@Osterberger, Map

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