Corona Interview Series: Moksa Modern Indian Streetfood’s Zed

April 24, 2020|Interviews

For today’s edition of the Corona Interview series we have the short, serious and to the point words of Zed, owner of the popular modern Indian street food restaurant in Kreuzberg. Moksa has been in action in their current iteration for nearly year after having been on the road for a while. No stranger to strife, Zed lays out what he sees as the current corona picture. Without further delay, Eatler presents Zed.

What’s your current status at Moksa?

As with most of Gastronomy, financially ruined.

Do you have any issues with staffing due to the situation?

This is a one man show, those who have helped in the past unfortunately are stuck in a difficult place.

What kind of service are you planning for the foreseeable future?

As long as it can go, deliveries and take away.

What are your thoughts on the new delivery direction in Berlin?

Nothing more than businesses trying to survive, unfortunately for most it will not come close to being enough, specially if this goes on for longer.

How will this impact the future of our gastro scene?

Well, if it all clears up tomorrow, there will not be much change.. if it goes on.. will there even be a scene? With such tiny margins, there needs to be a change.. in peoples mindsets.. more for less is not ok! It has driven the industry down so low to the point where it is now so hostile and fragile it only takes a month to destroy almost all of the businesses! This mentality needs to change. It true that the cashflow in gastronomy is massive, but it is also very diverse leaving only a tiny small fraction left as profit, this must be understood in order to defeat this mentality of more for less.. only then can we stabilize this industry again.

Have you had any issues with supplier woes?

Your average business won’t have many issues, as for me I procure very special products already hard to get here.. luckily my planned procurement was just before the borders got locked up so i’m stocked.. but i did have to take fresh fish off the menu for now.

Is there anything you would like to announce or share with Eatler readers?

“More for Less” is destroying our industry and has caused this hostile and fragile situation which we are now watching shatter in front of us.

You can order or pick up from Moksa here. 

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  1. Went there today. Family was very convinced by everything they sold me. Will go back and try the goat next time.

    Thanks for the recommendation.

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