Santa Cantina Owner Shares Points Of View With Mr. Eatler

April 6, 2020|Interviews

The owner of Santa Cantina and Piri’s, the ever direct Julian Boyce, minces no words as he lays down the truth in our short interview. Thankfully his restaurant, and satellite burger shop Piri’s, are continuing service in Friedrichshain and will come continue to produce throughout the circumstance. With out further ado, here is Santa Cantina’s Julian Boyce.

What does service look like now at Santa Cantina with the city being shut down?

Open for pick ups and delivery.

Have there been any issues with staff?

I’ve had to lay off people on probezeit unfortunately as even with government support we can’t handle the financial strain. The older staff are on kurzarbeit but we don’t know how long it will take to receive financial aid.

What kind of service are you planning for the foreseeable future?

The delivery and pick up model seems to be working for now. Coop cycle are doing a good job, forming a new business out of the situation and offering deliveries permanently after will be something we’ll be looking into.

What are your thoughts on the delivery trajectory of gastronomy?

There is no other sustainable option. Restaurants have to adapt or sadly perish

How will this impact the future of the Berlin gastronomy?

I wouldn’t be surprised if a large number of places close permanently. Those who do survive will do so with a community supporting them and I can see that bond strengthening and turning them into better restaurants.

Are there some difficulties in the process that are especially worrying?

Yes. It is getting harder to find produce and get it delivered. So far we are managing but it will be tough if our suppliers start to close down.

Is there anything you would like to announce or share with Eatler readers?

Support your local restaurants in any way you can. It’s going to be rough but we’re all in this together. Remember, a lot of restaurants have a lot of workers whose future is uncertain. Supporting local small businesses will help keep people in work and keep places open. Every cent is crucial now. In saying that, support so far for Santa Maria and Piri’s/Santa Cantina has been amazing, and we’ll come through this stronger than ever.


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