Business Model Adjustment For Berlin Gastronomy

March 17, 2020|Gossip

With new press releases coming from the government every few hours, the immediate fate of Berlin gastronomy is rapidly shifting from moment to moment. With a small percentage of restaurants maintaining standard opening practices, the bulk of the food service and hospitality industry is closing or scrambling to find different solutions. The talk of the town is currently shifting to a delivery and pick up model. This applies to every degree of restaurant, from the highest of the fine dining and all the way down to the well beaten paths of pizza delivery. Some establishments are going by route of platform delivery such as Lieferando while others are taking the old school, flying solo option. There are also new options from caterers and the like as they come up with schemes to help see them through the difficult times.  At the moment there is no comprehensive listing of where to go but Mr. Eatler will keep you abreast of developments.

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