Mr. Eatler Says: Go Get Your Damn Cup Of Coffee!

March 13, 2020|Gossip


Berlin gastronomy family, the situation is getting real as you very well know. In this scary time, Mr. Eatler can tell you from experience, that the greatest cure for stress is to go get your fuckin’ cup-a-coffee. Go spend money, go eat at restaurants, go have drinks in bars. Don’t cancel your reservations, don’t change your plans. Because what is going to happen is that once this whole situation is over, there ain’t gunna be nowhere to spend your money, for any body that has any money left. Wash your hands, don’t touch people unnecessarily, don’t try each other’s food. That being said, don’t be a goddamn moron. If you are sick, stay home. If someone around you is sick, take extra precautions. If you are around higher risk people, don’t put them in danger. But basically,  go get your fuckin coffee! But that’s just Mr. Eatler’s opinion, for whatever its worth.

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  1. This is extremely stupid advice to give to people! Your opinion is very much careless and irresponsible!

  2. Perhaps the people who have already HAD Corona and recovered need to do this? I’m doing it anyway. Fuckit. Come get me Corona. I am avoiding the sick, and the elderly, but not food and personal risk completely.

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