Corporate Caterer Grabs Ballhaus Mantel In Mitte

February 20, 2020|Gossip


Mitte- Clärchen’s Ballhaus, the famous century old dance hall in the centre of Mitte is rumoured to have graduated to the next stage of its life. The word is that the storied hall has adopted its new tenants who are planning out the future of the hall and the gastro that it will contain. As of right now it seems that the managment was let out to a local Berlin caterer and event producer by the name of Berlin Cuisine. They have worked with numerous corporate accounts, supplying the ingestibles for events and companies like Porsche, L’Oreal, Zalando and many more. Will be interesting to see how this affects the Haus, and what the naysayer fallout will be. More on Clärchen’s as it develops.

Clärchen’s Ballhaus, Auguststraße 24, Mitte
@Clärchen’sBallhaus, Map

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