Coffee Veteran Is Knocked Up On 2nd Prenzlberg Address

February 11, 2020|Knocked Up

orange coffee

Prenzlauer Berg- Orange Coffee, the veteran veggie/vegan cafe over on Prenzlauer Allee dropped some interesting news over their social channels. They are currently knocked up on a new store front for what they are calling, Orange Cafe nr. 2. As of right now, the new shop seems like an expansion of the old, as the address is next door to their original location. They are currently under wraps and in the throes of construction, so the timeline isn’t totally ironed out. However it seems as if things are moving along as the fifteen year old shop is currently on the hunt to beef up their service staff. Unclear it it will be a simple expansion or if there will be a new concept at play. More on Orange as it comes to light.

Orange Coffee, Prenzlauer Allee 171, Prenzlauer Berg
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