Veteran Cafe Knocked Up On 3-In-1 Resto/Bar/Cafe In Mitte

February 5, 2020|Knocked Up

Mitte- The Rose, Cafe Veron, Spy Bar, three new entities are knocked up over near Mitte’s Checkpoint Charlie. The deal here is that the popular Rosa Luxmebourg cafe, Rose Garden is launching the new three-in-one shop later next month. After a few years in the game, Rose Garden has seemingly decided to take the next step and move into higher end cuisine with a new French fine diner, titled The Rose. Seemingly they concurrently continue to expand in both the nightlife and daytime directions with a new cocktail bar, titled Spy Bar, and a daytime cafe titled, Cafe Veron. They are all currently under wraps in heavy construction. Unclear if they will all be under the same address, or three separate store fronts, but more on the conglomerate as it becomes clear.

The Rose, Zimmerstraße 92-94, Mitte
@TheRose, Map

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