Heavy Construction For Mediterranean Resto In Neukölln

January 30, 2020|Knocked Up

Kreuzberg- Kitten


Kitten, new resto is currently knocked up over in Kreuzberg. The deal with the new joint is that they aim to be a breakfast and lunch type shop with a Mediterranean lean. They are setting up in an address that used to house a chain bakery but has been vacant for quite a while. They have done a gut renovation on the new shop and it looks like they still have quite a way to go. No word on time line but they promise to keep every body on notice as things develop. More on Kitten as it comes out.

Kitten, Friedelstrasse 30, Kreuzberg
@Kitten.deli, Map

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  1. Hello Mr. Eatler,
    Love you page, gossip and all. But whatever happened to the date when you post these wonderful news? It used to show beside the title.


    1. thanks for pointing out the bug! best Mr. E

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