Franchise Steakhouse Opener In Mitte Imports US Beef

January 28, 2020|Knocked Up

Mitte- Abacco’s Steakhouse


Abacco’s Steakhouse, new higher end franchise meat joint is due for an opener over at the newer construction in the shadows of Mitte’s Hauptbahnhof. The deal with the new restaurant is that they are an American style steakhouse that imports US Beef for their wares. What is not American is the process by which the steak is cooked on hot stones on the table. They already have a presence throughout Germany but this is their first foray into the Berlin scene. Interesting to consider that as Berlin grows on the moneyed spectrum, more high line items are making their way into the market. No word on exact opening dates but they promise an early 2020 showing, and are actively on the hunt for people to man the stations.

Abacco’s Steakhouse, Hilda-Geiringer-Weg 3, Mitte
@Abacco’sSteakhouse, Map


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