Famous Köfte Shop Rumoured At Kreuz Expansion Plan

January 22, 2020|Gossip

Kreuzberg- Konak Grill Izmir Köfte


Izmir Köfte, the famous Kottbusser Tor based Köfte shop that has one a loyal following of cult banner-men over the last twenty five years has been rumoured to be expanding in new directions. Having killed the Köfte game with their highly regarded shop, it is no surprise that there is a large demand for their Kebap Sub style sandwich has grown. The word is, though it is unconfirmed, is that the famous shop is opening a second branch on Karl Marx Allee. For the person that sends Mr. Eatler the proof and pic, a free köfte is on the offer. Hit up the TIP Line and let the community in on the play. More on Konak Grill as it develops.

Izmir Köfte, Reichenbergerstr. 9, Kreuzberg
@IzmirKöfte, Map

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