Deep Dish Poppers Move Into Prenzlauer Berg Softy

January 20, 2020|Openings

Prenzlauer Berg- Smash’d Eatery

deep dish

Smash’d Eatery, the new resto from popular popper/caterer Smash’d, is due for an imminant opener. Coming up tomorrow, the new restaurant will be entering their softy up in Prenzlauer Berg. They are going to be opening tomorrow and every weekday from for some mid day service,  serving a limited breakfast menu, sandwiches, cakes and cookies with a daily rotating lunch special. Smash’d is much beloved for their sporadic Chicago Style Deep Dish poppers they have done over the last couple of years, and Mr. Eatler is hopeful that this genre will fine a home up in Prenz. Time will tell. More news on any official events as they come up.

Smash’d, Fehrbellinerstr. 5, Prenzlauer Berg

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