Neighbourhood Wine Bar Moves Into Softy In Neukölln

January 17, 2020|Openings

Neukölln- Shed


Shed, a new gastropub style shop on the Neukölln corner of Pannierstr. and Pfluggerstr. has officially entered their soft opening phase starting today. The new joint is the brain child of sister restaurant W Pizza and is due to be a “neighbourhood wine bar serving food.” Some hints to the offering include the possibility of some pastrami, natural wine and craft beer, truly the three bedfellows of gastronomy’s greatest evening out. No clear word on official opening dates or events at the moment, but undoubtedly they will put forth their wares in a party soon enough. More on Shed as it develops.

Shed, Pannierstr. 24, Neukölln
@Shed, Map

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