Kantstrassen Jewel Goes Partially Under Wraps In W-dorf

January 13, 2020|Gossip

Wilmersdorf- Golden Phoenix

under wraps

Golden Phoenix, one of the crown jewels in the Kantstrassen Mafia crown is due to be undergoing a short renovation of their dining room. As so they will be out of commission in their full capacity for a couple of weeks. The deal is that the shop wants to revamp their appeal and will be doing a once over on the main room. They will however keep their doors open during the “under wraps” session, where they will be offering their full menu in their bar. They will offer a bit of revised menu for the new digs and will focus on more of a sharing concept.  Possibly there will be a presser for the new dining room. More on GP as it develops.

Golden Phoenix, Brandenburgische Strasse 21, Wilmersdorf
@GoldenPhoenix, Map

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