Famous Ballhaus Goes Under Wraps In Mitte

January 13, 2020|Gossip

Mitte- Clärchen’s Ballhaus


Clärchen’s Ballhaus, the famous century old dance hall in the centre of Mitte has undergone a storied history. It now takes the next step in its future journey as the original room is due to shut down for some time in order to undergo some renovation. The deal is that the property was bought by an investor who has vowed to preserve the historical institution. No word on what the future of the Spiegel Saal, the resto on the second floor of the building will look like. As for the Ballhaus, word is they have already started seeking resumes for possible future members of their team and promise some action in February. Though considering the schedule, that seems unlikely. More on the joint as it develops.

Clärchen’s Ballhaus, Auguststraße 24, Mitte
@Clärchen’sBallhaus, Map

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