Address Confirmed For American Ramen Import In Kreuzberg

January 10, 2020|Gossip, Knocked Up

Berlin- Buya Berlin

ramen shop

Buya Berlin, a Florida based Japanese Ramen & Izakaya resto is apparently going to be setting up shop at the recently closed address of Arabica over in Kreuzberg. The deal is that after a successful popper that Buya held in town last year they opened up full resto in Potsdam. However a couple of Mr. Eatler’s source reveal that the new Buya will be set up over at the former Japanese coffee chain where they originally held their first Berlin popup foray. No word on when the new joint will open their doors, but considering that Arabica closed their doors a very short while back, we may be a couple of months away from whatever Buya has in store. More as it develops.

Buya Berlin, Reichenbergerstr. 36, Kreuzberg
@BuyaBerlin, Map

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