Japanese Fusion Shop One Step Closer To Mitte Opener

January 9, 2020|Openings

Mitte- Shya Eatery


Shya Eatery and Mixology, the new knocked up Japanese resto over in Mitte is moving forward toward their birthday fast. Mr. Eatler must first apologize, as originally he labeled Shya as a sushi shop, however that was not the case as evidenced by their latest news. Earlier today they released some artwork that included a menu displaying some of their wares. It looks to be a strictly cooked cuisine joint with a lot of fusion elements rounding out the menu. No clear word on the opening dates, but given they have finished construction and the wrapping are already taken down, it looks to be a matter of days and not weeks. More on Shya as it develops.

Shya Eatery, Rosenthalerstr. 3, Mitte
@ShyaEatery, Map

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